Markin’ Out Episode #204

MarkinOut204Kicking 2015 off with the debut of The Ascension, as we realize 2014 wasn’t actually too bad. Hope you all had a Happy New Year.

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  1. @rohitcr2k here.
    1st comment, even though I like listening to you guys.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Ever since I heard about GFW to present WK9 and have English commentary I was intrigued. I ended up purchasing their “network” and caught up on their most recent events. New Japan is a definite alternative to WWE. 4 hours of pure wrestling, each match had its own personality and stood out on its own. I liked the fact that there was no down time between matches. I’m a huge Bullet Club fan and was invested in each of their matches. Really enjoyed the story of Nakamura and Ibushi, and Tanahashi and Okada put on a wrestling classic and was emotionally invested and was really pulling for Okada to win and become the new ACE of New Japan. Cant say enough about JR and Striker. This event will definetly compete against Wrestlmania.

  3. Hey Brandon & Dave!

    Sorry I’ve been away from the comment section for so long. I’ve been very busy and have actually been falling behind on past episodes. Just recently caught up.

    Along with falling behind on your online listening experience, I haven’t been following Raw much either. I even tweeted to you guys that it was putting me to sleep a few weeks ago!

    Anyway, I finally watched from start to finish this week in hopes of Sting showing up but alas it was all for not. Just wanted to mention how happy I was with the position that Seth Rollins has gotten himself in. From holding the briefcase to now being added to the Royal Rumble main event. In my opinion, he has achieved the most so far out of his fellow Shield partners. Will he still end up being champion before Dean and Roman?

    I also wanted to throw some dream booking at you guys too. What if, Cena wins the triple threat at Rumble & Bryan wins the Rumble. Fast forward to Wrestlemania with a win by Bryan once again. The scene looking all too familiar from last year when all of a sudden, Rollins cashes in and spoils Bryan’s party.

    Sorry for the long comment but I’m happy to be back.

    @JLinnick on Twitter

  4. Hey you guys. I am from Atlanta.
    If you could have someone in the current Royal Rumble, who would it be? They can be male/female, dead or alive. Anyone with the current group of wrestlers in a Rumble.


  5. Gentleman, Gentleman, Gentleman.. I am back and ready to rant. I will attempt to keep this rant somewhat short and hopefully it will make sense. Once again, I skipped Raw. To be honest, I didnt even read what I missed, nor do I even care. The product is terrible, but that doesn’t mean I am not watching wrestling. I am watching more wrestling than ever. This past weekend, the states were introduced to a product that is nothing new to die-hard fans. As we all know, New Japan Pro Wrestling made its debut on traditional pay per view with English commentary. And what a debut it was. I enjoyed the show so much that I immediately signed up at For $8.37 a month, I have been watching some of the greatest wrestling matches I have eve seen. People! Do yourself a favor and experience this. If you can get past the Japanese commentary, which I actually prefer over anything WWE offers, then you really cannot go wrong.

    My question to you guys, is how much wrestling do you guys watch on a weekly basis, or on a daily basis? I always have considered myself a rare breed, because I watch wrestling on a daily basis. I have been watching wrestling since the early 90’s. I spent many years as a “closet fan”. In high school, I tape traded ECW, CZW and XPW, shows. My fiancee and friends don’t understand my hobby/slight obsession. Any time I go to target, wal-mart or any mall, I search for action figures to add to my collection. What is your answer as to why you watch wrestling? What do you love about it? How do you respond when someone says “isnt that fake”? its been a great week to be a fan of wrestling, not wwe, but pure wrestling. Hopefully, wrestle kingdom 9 did well in ppv buys and gained a bigger following for the future.. lastly, the flipps app is shit, Period,

  6. Hey guys! How’s it going? Thanks so much for another awesome show. It is always greatly appreciated.

    So Wrestle Kingdom 9 was on Sunday and HOLY CRAP I fell in love with pro wrestling all over again after watching. I actually woke up around the time the pre-show started, put on a pot of coffee and proceeded to watch what I think was one of the best wrestling shows I have ever seen. There was the fun tag match that opened the show and then later on that night we had Nakamura vs Ibushi, which was probably my personal favorite. Also, I thought it was bizarre, and kind of genius, how Kenny Omega supposedly shaves his arm a few days before a show so that on the day of the show he can use the stubble to create a “saw arm”. I’ve never heard anything like that. The guy himself is bizarre, he’s a lot of fun to watch, and I can see why JR and a lot of other people see some Brian Pillman in him. I think it was around this match that I realized I didn’t really need the coffee anymore, by the way.

    Then, of course the main event between Okada and Tanahashi was sick. I have to say, Tanahashi has some really good high flying moves. It was really hard trying not to wake up everyone in my apartment during the show.

    So now, I’d like to ask you guys what your favorite match from this event was.

    Thanks again for all that you do!

    By the way, I was laughing when Brandon (I assume) tweeted during the Sakuraba vs Suzuki that he slapped Dave out of excitement. I completely understand how you felt because I wanted to go around the whole house slapping everyone awake.


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