It’s back! The 2014 MARKKY Awards are here. Take a listen and hear who won!

One thought on “2014 MARKKYS

  1. You know I was worried I’d be outdressing you both so it was a relief to see that I had nothing to worry about – I got so tired of people asking me why I was dressed to the nines and looking almost too fine, I was like “The MARKKYs? Ever heard of them?”.

    Anyway, Markin Out is not a podcast that noone listens to – it’s an Online Listening Experience that as many as five people listen to and I should know, because I’m your #5 Mark Then. Now. Indefinitely.

    Don’t think your efforts go unappreciated because that’s just not true, they’re barely appreciated but it’s there.

    RiC “no nicknames necessary” David

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