Markin’ Out Episode #201

Watch Cooking with Brandon Episode 3. Fight Owens Fight. David Braaah.

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #201

  1. Gentleman, Gentleman, Gentleman… Recording on a Wednesday is going to fuck up my podcast rotation! That’s ok, I will forgive you this time, but do not let it happen again. Congrats on hitting 200. It was nice to hear that scrawny mark, Chris, back on the show. It’s always a pleasure when he is around. Not that you two clowns don’t do a good job, because you do. Its fucking great. Well where do I even begin… First off, David.. Fucking David.. I was insulted over the remarks made about Tyson Kidd. Kidd is a phenomenal in-ring worker and a legit tough guy. How dare you say that you are not a fan of his work.. Yet, you are the guy who said John Cena is a great worker… I will never let that slide. So I will take your Kidd comments as a mere lapse of judgment. Yet, thanks for the follow on twitter… Next up is Brandon, the guy I love to hate. Your cooking show was quite entertaining, but I really enjoyed “where’s Dave”. I found that video extremely entertaining. I am fully supporting a waged war against ticketmaster. I hate those dickwads. But enough of you two dingleberrys. Let’s talk wrestling!!! I have stopped watching raw, because it blows. The product is so bad that I cannot get myself to sit through it anymore. However, I will continue to watch the PPV’s (specials) and NXT. Have you two looked at the Wrestle Kingdom 9 card yet? Do either of you plan on watching that event? It looks to be the card of the card of all cards. I cannot wait. I just pray that I can stay up that late without falling asleep. I suggest doing a preview of the show and getting familiar with the workers you are not aware of. Well, I could keep on rambling, but Ill feel bad for the poor fucker that has to read this (Dave). I hope you guys are staying warm out there. Its low 60’s in San Diego and everyone panicking because its “cold”.. Anyways, I look forward to another great show. Don’t let me down. And if Brandon isn’t following me by the end of the day on Sunday, I will tweet you pictures of my dick. Your Friend, “The Renegade” Richards.

  2. Hey guys!

    I was watching the UFC on Fox event this Saturday, and during the semi-main event, they went to commercial and the first commercial was for WWE 2K15. I know this can be purely coincidence but as soon as I saw it I thought for sure something must be up between the two companies, and the UFC featuring CM Punk. I know you have spoken about the Dana White /Vince meetings in the past and how you think the two could be working together. Just an interesting point I thought I’d bring up!

    Thanks for reading my comment. I work at a local TV station here and I listen every Saturday on my way to stories. Keep up the amazing work.

    – Vince

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