Markin’ Out Episode #200

200May Episode 200 bring you joy and happiness.

3 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #200

  1. I don’t smoke but I felt like I needed a cigarette after Episode 200! That was one of your finest three/four hours or however long that was so well done for going all out and making it special, I had a blast hearing my fellow marks.

    This week I will make amends for last week by requesting that Dave perform his shameless plugs *IN A SPEAKING VOICE*…Dave, you’re a great sport you really are but my neighbour’s cat still hasn’t forgiven me.

    Onto my question: I didn’t watch RAW last week, which was the first time in in about three years that I haven’t watched, and this week I tapped out about half an hour in and have no desire to watch what was by all accounts another missable episode. I could really see myself breaking the habit completely which would mean no wrestling aside from the occasional bit of Lucha Underground online – when did you first start watching wrestling and have you ever stopped watching wrestling completely? How about just stopped watching WWF/E?

    Don’t worry though, I’ll still listen to…podcasts like Markin Out because even when I don’t watch wrestling, I still like hearing people talk about it.

    Your #5 Mark
    RiC “no nicknames necessary” David

    *you’re not supposed to shout that part..I just insist on typing it that way, it took me long enough to stop writing SmackDOWN so this is all I’ve got left dyammit!

  2. Hey Guys,

    Sorry that I missed episode 200, but congratulations on another amazing episode. The nostalgia ran deep.

    This week I have to say…GOD DAMN NXT! Just finished watching REvoltion and I must say that this event showed everything that I love about wrestling! The spectacle of Finn Balor’s entrance, complete with the theatrics and body paint, an amazing main event between Neville and Zayn that went for around 30 minutes, the desire that these newcomers show in every move, and last but not least, the emotion portrayed by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. I had a really rough day at my job today and really began to question if my current occupation is the field I wish to continue to pursue, and seeing Kevin Owens come out to his first official WWE pop at the verge of tears, and the embrace between Owens and Zayn after Sami’s title win showed the epitome of accomplishing their true goal in life. It inspired me to strive to do the same. An amazing show that TLC, or any other WWE event, will struggle to replicate.

    Also, did you guys happen to watch ROH’s Final Battle this past Sunday? If not, watch it now! I have not seen a main even as great as Briscoe VS Cole in a very long time. I mean…putting thumbtacks in a guys mouth and super kicking him? WHAT?!

    Have a great weekend guys, because after the emotional roller coaster that was NXT REvolution, this mark is signing off!

  3. I was wondering Brandons thoughts about two things
    a) The Final Product of “Cooking with Brandon 3”
    b) The NXT Womens Championship match at NXT Takeover R Evolution. is Charlotte still terrible in your eyes

    p.s. thanks for spoiling the ending

    S A D
    P.s. don’t follow me on twitter @ChrisSweenDog and if you see me on twitter burn my toast

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