Markin’ Out Episode #202

MO202Have a holly, jolly episode of Markin’ Out. It’s not filled with Santa or any Christmas cheer, but get in real tight because ladies and gentlemen, we’re here.

3 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #202

  1. Hey guys!

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays so far!

    As I was listening to your last episode, Brandon made a comment that really resonated with me. When you were talking about Raw being pretty shitty lately, he said he just couldn’t NOT watch, regardless of the quality of the current product.

    This is something I have been dealing with as well. As you guys may have seen on Twitter, my handle @DisgruntledDork was more or less a gimmick for me to complain about work, but it became more of a WWE complaints type of page. Throughout Raw, I like to point out the botches, missed lines, and mistakes throughout the show. Someone DM’d me asking why I watch if I don’t like what I was seeing…and that made me think.

    How can I possibly want to watch WWE when it sucks so bad right now? How many times am I going to see Ryback pushed, and then buried, or see another match between Ambrose and Wyatt when most have forgotten why they’re even fighting, or JBL mention twerking midgets…MIDGETS?! Ugh.

    Well this is the thing. I love wrestling. No, not just WWE, but wrestling as a whole. I love ROH for the bare bones “wrasslin’ ” mentality. I love NJPW because, well, it’s fucking great. I love Lucha Underground for being new and exciting. I love TNA…well, let’s skip that one. And I love WWE, and why? Because it was my introduction to wrestling, and it will always be must watch. “But Steve, you say it sucks.” Well yes, it sucks now, but in the back of my mind I always hope for that amazing match, or that brilliant promo, or that jaw dropping swerve, or an organic rise of a superstar like that of Zack Ryder (We STILL want Ryder WWE!) or Daniel Bryan. I have fond memories of The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, and The Dudley Boys battling it out in a TLC. Shawn Michaels VS Undertaker because Shawn just needed that win so badly. Eddie Guerrero finally winning the world title…and there are so many more. These are the reasons why I still continue to watch WWE, hoping that something will surprise me, something will blow me away, or someone will have a match that takes my breath away. Hate all we might on the WWE, or any other promotion, but we watch because we love wrestling.

    Sorry for the long winded comment. This mark is signing off.

  2. Hey guys! Sorry for not commenting for a couple of weeks. The holidays and finals week took their toll on me, but of course I haven’t stopped listening.

    First, I wanted to say that you guys defining ratchet was hilarious.

    I also heard that Adrian Neville is debuting with a completely different gimmick. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I wanted to know what you guys thought about that.

    Thanks for continuing to be awesome!


  3. I really hope it’s not too late because I just thought since this is the last episode before new years eve that Dave should do his plugs to the toon of that new years song that people sing when the clock strikes midnight the one that nobody really knows all the lyrics to thanks!

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