Markin’ Out Episode #199

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5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #199

  1. Well here you guys are. The 200th episode! Congrats on reaching such a milestone. Thank you so much for entertaining us wrestling fans every single week with the podcast and with the live tweeting.

    With this being the 200th episode, I’d like to ask what your favorite moment on the podcast has been so far. I think one of my favorite things on the podcast is when you two, Dave and Brandon, quarrel with each other. Brandon’s laughter is also one of the best things.

    Congrats again on reaching 200 episodes. Keep at it, guys!

    By the way, I am definitely interested in Markin’ Out T-Shirts.


  2. Happy 200!!!

    a special message from Big E:
    5! 5! 5! Hi Guys it’s me. I don’t have a lot of time because I’m getting fit for my “New Day” new singlet but Happy 200 and Brandon see you on Friday night”

  3. It doesn’t seem that long ago, December of 2012 I was on line waiting to meet Daniel Bryan when some guy came up to me and handed me a flyer. It was for a podcast, Markin Out. Since I wasn’t around friends and had nothing to do after Hurricane Sandy, I went back and listened to a bunch of episodes. I looked forward to Saturday when the new podcast came out week after week. From cooking with Brandon, the creation of Railroad Rudy, Chris leaving, B2TG161, and Dave moving away to now, the 200th episode, I’ve listened for 2 years. keep it up guys the show has been amazing every week. Being from LI I hope one day meet you guys, and here’s to another 200 episodes.
    The Numba two mark,
    Andrew F
    @Drewfem97 or follow my personal everyday account @andyfems
    (Ps I wrote this during AP Calculus, buttfuck that)

  4. not sure if this will make it in time but Congrats on 200 episodes of Markin Out! I’ve been listening to you guys a little bit less than 2 years and you guys are part of my weekly “PODCAST” routine. (of course you guys are the online listening experience. hope you guys reach 300! Question- New Japan came out with their Network this past week and I actually signed up for it, I’ve been really enjoying it even though I’m not too familiar with their product. With Wrestle Kingdom 9 coming in January I thought it would be great to see what they have to offer for only $9. Just seeing if you guys are/have signed up for New Japan World.

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