Markin’ Out Episode #163

CrackedRyderWWE disappointed big time this week, but we did not!

6 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #163

  1. Hey guys! Great episode this past week. I loved the Wrestlemania dream cards you put together. I’ll agree with Brandon on his Piper Pit segment. I would love to see Warrior involved at Wrestlemania 30.

    Now onto my questions:

    1) WWE typically cleans house after Wrestlemania, who do you see being on the chopping block?

    2) What are your top 5 favorite WWE shirts?

    Thanks as always guys! Can’t wait to see what your picks are for Wrestlemania!

  2. When CM Punk returns, who would you like him to face? Either Chris Benoit or Owen hart ?

  3. What’s up guys? Great episode as always, I highly enjoy listening to this show every week. I forgot to comment last week since I’ve been all over the place lately but of course I still found time to listen to the podcast because it’s too awesome to miss.

    So I’d like to ask you guys who you think had or has the most ridiculous gimmick in pro wrestling. It doesn’t have to be just WWE, it could be anywhere else as well. I was thinking about this as I was watching The Zombie make his debut on ECW and I decided that I should ask you.

    Thanks a lot for the entertaining podcasts every week. Keep it up!


  4. Hey Guys, great show last week. Kinda like the condensed timing of the TNA stuff because, let’s be honest, it’s not worth discussing.

    I have a bone to pick with NXT. I heard what you said about the Adam Rose theme change and had to check out what the deal was. Like most people, when I first saw that entrance, I marked out like crazy. Now, the powers that be went ahead and killed the “Woo” from the song. That theme popped the crowd and I wanted to see that in the big time sellout crowds.

    Once again, WWE seems to have found a way to suck the fun out of everything. What do you guys think?

  5. Hey guys! Another great episode as always.

    Before I get into my questions for this week, I have a bone to pick with Dave about his WrestleMania/WWE rant last week. His points for nothing liking what’s going on didn’t really add up in my eyes. He complained about the Daniel Bryan/Authority storyline being drawn out too much… I bet Dave is the same person who complains if a feud is only a month or so. Dave would have never lasted as a wrestling fan in the 70s or 80s, when Bruno Sammartino wrestled the same guy every night for months, even years. I get that Dave may not like what’s going on, and he has a right to his opinion, but the Bryan/Authority has played out very nicely, but to say that you wouldn’t care if Bryan wins the title, that’s just robbing him of his moment that we’ve been waiting for. I think WrestleMania 30 will be very good, and will end with a Yes! Chant ringing through-out the Superdome. Anyways…

    My first question for you guys is what is your favorite stage sets in WrestleMania history? I recently saw a photo of the WM 30 set, and I think it looks good so far. Personally, I like last years with the Brooklyn bridge and Empire St. building, but my favorite ever was WrestleMania 19. I love the old school L shape ramp way.

    Secondly, I heard that RVD is set to make his return after WM30. What do you think WWE will do with him? Who will he feud with?

    Thanks again, #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.
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  6. Hey guys, excellent show again this week!

    I liked Daves rant this week, made me think back to the glory days of Chris’ rant of the week! After listening to it I have one question for Dave. What would WWE have to do to get you interested in the product again?

    Keep up the great work! I spent my bday morning(today the 28th) listening to the best damn pro wrestling podcast around! Great start to my day!

    The #1 mark @MtlBroski

    ps: thanks for specifying the mtl part of my twitter handle Brandon and I’m glad Dave now says Montreal like a local!

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