Markin’ Out Episode #159

King-MabelWe throw down our predictions for the WWE Elimination Chamber, discuss SmackDown! and Raw, cover NYWC Psycho CircusĀ and WXW C4. Also TNA.

4 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #159

  1. Hey Guys! Wonderful episode as always. I’ve got a couple of questions for you this week.

    First, I wanted to get your take on what you expect the RAW crowd in Chicago to be like? Everyone is saying that the crowd is going to chant CM Punk the entire show, but I think some may be overhyping how crazy it’s going to be. What do you think? Will it be too out of control for WWE to handle?

    Second, As of now, the top four matches for WrestleMania look like they are set. Taker vs. Lesnar, Cena vs. Wyatt, Triple H vs. Bryan, and Batista vs. Orton. Which one of these matches will or should go on last? I think Orton vs Batista is out of the question. If WWE does put them on last, they are more out of touch than I thought. I think Taker vs. Lesnar could easily go on last. Ends with Taker winning. I think every fan would be for it. I also think Triple H vs. Bryan could as well. Bryan going over, and after he leads a Yes! Chant as WrestleMania 30 goes off the air. I think even Vince would be up for that. What do you guys think? Which match will and should go on to close WrestleMania 30?

    Thanks again, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.
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  2. Hey guys! Excellent show this week. Once again, you guys had me cracking up.

    I want to ask you guys what you think about Kruger’s new character Adam Rose. I couldn’t believe it was him when I saw him on Twitter. Anyway, I was thinking about how he’d play this new character and how well he’ll be able to pull it off. Do you think he’ll be able to pull it off?

    Thanks again!


  3. Excellent show as always.
    Curious as to how your WWE Network experience has been and what you think about it overall (the size of the library, how it works on your devices, buffer times, etc.).

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Hey guys, Great episode! I hope you guys will be reviewing NXT arrival on the WWE Newtork this week as I heard it was good. (I’m only 30 min into it as I’m writing this comment) elimination chamber was awesome being there live. Yeah some of it was predictable and the crowd seemed pretty good for the most part. I think everyone favorite match was the Shield vs the Wyatts! So much action loved every minute of it and wish there was a part 2 at mania šŸ™ My seats were to the left of the times keeper so was not able to get on camera therefore no Markin Out sign. Anyways the build up to mania is already getting to me! Thanks @thekyleburdick

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