Markin’ Out Episode #152

DBryattSpecial guest this week for our first episode of 2014. It just so happens to be our longest episode ever.

6 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #152

  1. Big E sad. But at least me and Brandon practiced the Reverse enimsaJ in my bedroom. It’s my alternate finisher to the Big Ending which Brandon loves the impact it causes. Also Brandon I left the IC title at your house. I need it back. Bring it to the ballroom for Salsa Saturady

  2. Hey guys, thanks for another fun podcast. Also, having Chris open the show was a pleasant surprise so thanks for that as well.

    It’s nice to know that my Twitter handle is now the name of a sexual position. Even better that Big E is apparently practicing that move with Brandon lol. Well, not really.

    So I was just scrolling through Facebook and saw that the NXT Facebook page has some sort of poll asking who would win between Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan. I’d like to see them tear it up in a WWE ring someday and I think that we’ll most likely have to wait a long while before it happens. I’d like to know when you guys think fans will see them face off in WWE, if they ever face off.


  3. Since both of the world titles were unified ,can you see the money in the bank ppv being replaced with the wcw ppv and mitb going back to wrestlemania?

    Great show as always

  4. Hey Guys, Awesome episode as always. Great to hear Chris make his return back to the show. Hope to hear him real soon. Anyways, I’ve got a couple for you this week.

    First, I wanted to get your thoughts about the rumors that Jeff Jarrett, Toby Keith, and even Jim Ross are going to start up a new wrestling promotion. Apparently it’s being said that the three have enough money to do so. What do you guys think? Is this just a rumor or can this really happen?

    Second, I wanted to play a word-association game with you guys. I’ll say a superstar, or someone in WWE, and you give me ONE word to describe them. You can then elaborate on why you chose that word. Here are some random names:
    – Brock Lesnar
    – Paul Heyman
    – Michael Cole
    – Triple H
    – Stephanie McMahon
    – Shane McMahon
    – Vince McMahon
    – John Cena

    Thanks guys, #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.
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  5. What’s up marks?! Loving the new year of Markin’ Out. Great way to kick it off last week with the return (kind of) of Chris.

    As Brandon knows, the new WWE 2K14 DLC was made available this week. What are your thoughts? Who is your favorite from the set? If they were gonna do another pack, who should be in it? (And don’t say the Usos)

    Thanks guys! Don’t forget about NYWC Sideshow on the 25th in Deer Park.

    @JLinnick on twitter

  6. Hey Brandon and Dave! Happy New Year. I hope all is well. I really enjoyed Raw on Monday night as it went old school. It was great to see one of my fav’s Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper. I can’t believe was WWE is doing with Daniel Bryan. Duke the Dumpster Droese would be proud with his look. What do you guys think about Daniel Bryan being with the Wyatts? What do you guys think of the WWE network? and are you guys going to be at PWS on 2/22? You know I will be there and of course what good is a sign girl without her signs especially when I made another one for you guys….woops. Anywho, see you soon!

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