Our year end MARKKY Awards. See who won!

2 thoughts on “2013 MARKKYS

  1. I loved The MARKKYs! I would have commented after listening but I listened on Sticher. Anyway, your humour is right up my alley and I love stuff like this – don’t think the effort wasn’t appreciated, I know how much time goes into even short recordings. Hell, you guys are the only podcast still recording over the holidays (well except PWTorch but they get paid for it). Markin’ Out is the people’s podcast, and I should know – I’m the fifth most loyal Mark in the frikkin’ galaxy.

    -RiC Underscore David (pretty cool middle name huh?)

  2. Markky’s were awesome. Thanks for putting forth the effort. All around, your shows are getting better and better every week. Listening since Ep.61. Looking forward to the 2014’s. At some points though it was very hard to hear you guys over the crowds cheers.

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