Markin’ Out Episode #140


This week, we go over WWE Battleground, Raw and some other wrestling. Will the Wolf Pack Players continue with their winning streak of shows? Find out on this episode.

9 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #140

  1. Finally the number 3 mark has come back to Markin Out…. Can’t believe I forgot to comment 2 weeks in a row! I feel like I turned heel. Few questions
    Will you make Railroad Rudy in WWE 2K 14?
    Who will you play as first in WWE 2K14

  2. Great show – Brandon and Dave arguing is what’s best for business and to Aaron who keeps saying that Dave sucks – Davey doesn’t suck, YOU suck! Unless Dave channels his inner John Cena and explains how his haters don’t suck in which case he does suck.

    On an unrelated note, WHY (in all capital letters) did the WWE give Los Matadores different entrance music when the vignette music was so frikkin awesome? Even though it seemed like a deliberate attempt to make sure fans don’t associate “olé” with Sami ‘El Generico’ Zayn, it was one of the best themes Jim Johnston has written, which is saying a lot.

    (by the way, I wrote that bit about all capital letters to make you read this comment out even more awkwardly than you usually do, end parentheses)

    Signed, your #5 Mark
    “Violent” RiC David

  3. Hey Dave and Brandon! great show again this week. I hope to see you guys at the next PWS show. The signs and dishes are done man! Oh and this sign girl may have purchased merch. 🙂

  4. Brandon, just use throat lozenges to get the Monday Night Nitro bit down without it hurting! Now you’ve complained about it everyone is going to ask for you to do it more. One question. Why the hell is WWE pushing so many PPVs on us when buy rates and ratings are down?

  5. Hey guys! Thanks for another great show. I’ve actually got a question regarding Eva Marie. I heard she was given the match because she was supposedly acting overconfident and WWE felt that she shouldn’t be acting this way given her lack of knowledge in the ring. So, word is that they knew that she would do horribly in the ring and that’s why they put her in those matches. I wanted to know what you guys thought about this.

    I find it weird that they would do that TWICE. Once on Raw and again on Smackdown. I think they should know that Eva Marie isn’t exactly ready to perform inside the ring. So if this is true, I just wonder why. If not, then again…I wonder why.

  6. 5! 5! 5!
    Brandon, do you know why 5 is my favorite number. How many fingers do you have on your hand? 5! How many toes do you have on your foot, 5! See you in the shower b to the g

  7. Hey guys, awesome show, as always. I got some questions…

    Who do you think will be DLC and who do you want to see?
    I think Fandango, Big E Langston and Curtis Axel are definite with a very very small chance of Bray Wyatt being one. Goldust also makes a lot of sense.

    Also, could you ever see Sami Zayn in WWE as El Generico?

    Finally, where would you rank AJ among the best Divas of all time?

    Thanks, the #2 Mark….

  8. With the release of WWE 2K14 just about a week away, what do you think of everything they have revealed? Does it have potential to beat out WWE ’13? I mean, Mr.Perfect is a manager! How cool is that?!

    Any plans to do a final review of the game when it comes out? I for one and super excited and hope I’m not alone.

    Great show as always!


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