Markin’ Out Episode #402

SmackDown! celebrates their 1000th episode so we discuss that + what we thought it could have been.

Markin’ Out Episode #401

Brandon & Dave recap their New York Comic Con experience + we have a special interview with Michael Kingston, the creator of the Headlocked comic and we go down undah for Super Show-Down results.

Markin’ Out Episode #400

For 400 weeks in a row, we’ve brought you the best pro wrestling podcast from Long Island, NY.

Markin’ Out Episode #399

Brandon escapes to the high seas while Chris and Dave are left to bring you the Markin’ Out rundown of the world of professional wrestling.. and sports entertainment!

Markin’ Out Episode #358

It was officially announced that Vince McMickey purchased 21st Century Wrestling this week.

Markin’ Out Episode #357

The women of WWE continue to make history. Meanwhile, Randy Orton hit another RKO.

Markin’ Out Episode #356

Who is the biggest mark? #BitterOldMarks + Riott Squad: A copy of Absolution?

Markin’ Out Episode #355

There are new faces on Raw and SmackDown, what else is to come?

Markin’ Out Episode #354

Raw took over SmackDown. Who will come out on top at Survivor Series?

Markin’ Out Episode #353

The Tokyo Dome will never eeeeeeeeever be the same again!