Markin’ Out Episode #53

NYWC invades Markin’ Out when The Big O, Alex Reynolds and “Number 1” John Silver come on to talk about their big event, Psycho Circus. Also we talk about other things in the world of pro wrestling included our predictions for TNA Against All Odds 2-11-12

9 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #53

    • I dig your show and catch it from time-to-time. My only suggestion that seems to be a prnvialieg characteristic is that there’s too much awkward silence when you guys are trying to banter, and even your banter is suspect at times. But, you guys have a solid show and are informed, which is cool, even if we disagree on some points.

    • CM Punk is not the best in the world, but one of them. The only person in WWE, that is beettr than him, is Daniel Bryan.The Rock is one of WWEs most popular superstars. But not, because he is a good wrestler. Because of his charisma. It dosenb4t change the fact, that he is a decent wrestler. And it is easy o see, Punk is bettter. His matches are usually way beettr than rockb4s.

    • the wwe needs major reconstrutive sugrrey to be great again, first thing end the brand extension, next thing dump ecw also get rid of the wwe scratch logo its been around nearly ten years fire the losers that are always in wwe hardcore holly,scotty 2 hotty,val venis,jim duggan etc etc it makes no sense these people being employed then concentrate on the future

  1. OMG its KANE KANE KANE whats he doing here his from smackdown, lol that made me laugh, your right about them over doing it, not like kane has long left RAW aaywny, im no longer surprised when other brand wrestlers show up on another show.

  2. See first of all if you guys dont like him dont search his name. Fans are gteting more stupid and stupid, John Cena is an elite wrestler, he paved the way for cm punk and everyone hes up there with legends as one of the most longest reigning champions when he did so much for the company in the last 8 years or so. If you dont like him you should at least respect him because if it wasnt for him alot of stuff wouldnt of happened

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