5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #52

  1. Have to leave my comment to show my support. Happy Birthday to Markin’ Out! Chris singing “Happy Birthday” was very nice. Brandon’s rap was incredible! I keep listening to it. Loved the interviews, especially Big O who flexes when he breathes. Thank you guys so much for entertaining me for 52 weeks and hope the show goes many more years!

    • first time i’ve watched tna in my life.. what a load of shit. the two guys at the start are being held apart by the cops’.. these guys have pastlic badges on. if brian pillman were here, he’d rip it apart. wheres the truth in the eyes when they deliver these promos? wheres the edgy personalities that mean what they’re saying? come on..its 2012 and we had better promos in the 70s/80s. no wonder the older guys are still working, these new guys are scripted monkeys with no heart or passion.TRUTH

  2. Good show, i just feel the show should come way earlier in the week, like the royal rumble is old already and we seen alot more after that and not only that but this show was released (on the site) the day the new raw was released.

    Just saying i believe ya talking about old stuff

    • Thanks for listening. Unfortunately, the only time that we all can record is late in the week. A late coverage allows us to cover Impact Wrestling though. – Dave

  3. Yes jimmy snuka killed a woman in 1982 or 83 and came up with searevl different story’s and ended up getting away with it but lost a wrongful death lawsuit but never paid it was well known that he was a woman beater do a little research it’s on wikipedia and I know wiki isn’t the most reliable source but I heard about it somewhere else than looked on there and a few more that I don’t remember

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