Markin’ Out Episode #304

rawwomenstitlenitroThe Raw Women’s Championship is dead.

One thought on “Markin’ Out Episode #304

  1. Hey guys, I’m back with a quick question. Finn Balor seems to be close to returning, and Samoa Joe also looks to be called up soon, how would you guys bring back Balor (Royal Rumble, Styles BC Feud, etc.) and how would you also bring Joe up?
    I would have Balor, if healthy, be a #1 or #2 entrant to allow for that great entrance to remind the crowd how special he is.
    On the other end, I think Joe should be Styles opponent at the Rumble for the title, and his loss setting him off on a rampage where he starts destroying mid carders.
    Regardless… that’s my long ass comment of the week,
    the returning numba two mark, @Andyfems.

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