Markin’ Out Episode #251

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2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #251

  1. Hey guys, long time listener, first time commenter. Anyway I just wanted to voice my opinion on the departure of Solomon Crowe from the WWE system. I think its a damn shame that he didn’t get the opportunity to be highlighted more. He had a somewhat strong debut, a pretty cool gimmick if they presented it right, had some quality matches on NXT TV ( ex. vs Kevin Owens) then he fell to the wayside from there. It is a loss on NXT’s part, but also a gain to the Independent Wrestling Scene. As we have seen already, Sami is already smearing his name on the indie scene. What I think should happen is Sami should become the new King of the Indies. I feel like there was been a lack of that in the past few years. One wrestler to go all over the place and win everything. You saw that when Steen was on the Indies and the Bucks weren’t tied down to just NJPW and ROH, those guys were at every decently big promotions winning belts. I feel that this is a perfect time to have one of those guys. Sami comes back to the indies, with some WWE time under his belt, full of piss and vinegar and takes over. We have seen it already with him winning the 2CW championship, and it just starts there. Get him back to everywhere he was before leaving and back on his throne as the new king of the indies. Brandon will probably hate this idea. Cool.

  2. Hey Brandon and Dave!

    As always, hope you’re both well. With all the chaos with the ratings going up and down, do you guys agree that ratings going down is kind of a good thing – it’s in my opinion the best way to tell creative what they’re doing is wrong and to change it up.

    It’s honestly infuriating to me that during all the matches with the LON, WWE don’t focus on Ambrose or the Usos at all, but always “Oh Reigns is in the shit now!”… Even when Reigns isn’t even in the match!! It’s like they’re trying to troll the fans.

    Hope you both have a great upcoming week,
    Kind Regards,
    Ben 🙂

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