Markin’ Out Episode #239

Taker239Is the Divas Revolution failing?

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #239

  1. Hey guys, my brother just gave me his WWE Network password and now I am addicted to wrestling( the way it should be.) Im super into NXT and love seeing Samoa Joe kick ass! I’ve been catching up a lot with whats been going on in the while i haven’t been watching and have got to say i personally think we are in a new era of awesomeness(screw the miz). The idea of Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in a ladder match was awesome to me, and their stare down before the match got me genuinely excited for wrestling again. Do you guys think we are seeing some really amazing things in the works here, or is it just me?!

  2. Just watched the most recent NXT. Johnny Gargano is…tremendously impressive. I once watched him on PWO since I got it on local cable, and i remembered his name, but never saw him compete. That spear through the ropes on Breeze was freaking cool…and the neckbreaker oh my god! Where do you guys see him going in NXT/WWE?

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