Markin’ Out Episode #231

MO231Beast in the East, new Mattel and getting hit by car parts.

One thought on “Markin’ Out Episode #231

  1. Hey guys! Awesome episode this week. So sorry I haven’t been around the comments section for a while. But, fear not! Your podcast is still going into my iPod every week.

    So, I wanted to ask you guys about Tough Enough. Who do you guys think will win the competition? At this point, I’m kind of feeling Mada, Gigi, Patrick and the personality that ZZ brings. I keep feeling like Sara Lee is going to get eliminated each week because of how it takes her a while to get things done right. But, she”s just likable in a way, in my opinion. Anyway, what are your thoughts on the progress of the contestants?

    Thanks again guys! You’re doing great!


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