Markin’ Out Episode #225

NassauShirtRaw was on our home turf for the last time.

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #225

  1. What’s up guys? Feels like forever since I’ve commented & I apologize for that. Been super hectic lately, but thanks to you guys and your podcast, I’ve managed to keep my head up.

    So, I’ve been meaning to ask you guys about the whole Sunny/Vivid situation. I don’t really know what’s going on with that, whether she’s doing it or not. Here’s what I was wondering: If she does work with Vivid, what does that mean for her Hall of Fame induction? Do you guys think WWE would pull someone from their Hall of Fame for doing something that they look down on, especially following HHH’s comments regarding Chyna and her decisions?

    Thanks for being awesome! And congrats on reaching a deal with Pro Wrestling Tees. I’ll be buying a shirt from your store soon!


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