Markin’ Out Episode #220

MarkinOut220Extreme Rules is this week! Was there anything EXTREME about Raw and SmackDown?

One thought on “Markin’ Out Episode #220

  1. Hey guys! I hope you’re enjoying this nice weather as much as I am.

    Thanks for bringing us yet another awesome episode of the podcast.

    I agree with what you guys were saying about how you guys hope that the winner or winners of this upcoming Tough Enough season will be able to stay with WWE for longer than previous winners have. It sucks that some of these people didn’t spend much time in WWE. It’s kind of crazy how runner ups and other contestants have had a more successful run than those who have actually won Tough Enough.

    I also wanted to ask you guys about your thoughts on Unfiltered, the new WWE Network show that debuted last night after the King of the Ring finals. I personally thought it was quite enjoyable and left me wanting more. It’s a very comfortable show and I think Renee Young does a wonderful job with making it interesting and casual. What did you think?

    Thanks again!


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