Markin’ Out Episode #191

MarkinOut191Happy October! Get your pumpkin drinks, roasted corn and candy treats ready for this week’s episode.

3 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #191

  1. What’s up Dave & Brandon? As always I am enjoying everything you guys do.

    Just wondering what your thoughts were on the news of the 2015 Royal Rumble. SPOILER ALERT ahead just incase people haven’t heard the news yet. The Rumble will take place in Philly and will be a 40 Man Rumble again.

    I’m thinking about going myself because it’s so close to NY and Philly is a great city.

    Thanks guys!

    @JLinnick on Twitter

  2. Hey there Marks!
    It’s time for my question! I apologise for not pulling a CM Punk and not showing up to comment over the last few weeks.

    I was wondering if you guys think it’s fair WWE2k15 career mode is only available on the next-gen consoles?

    All the best,
    BroskiBen 🙂

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