Markin’ Out Episode #170

BOlieve BirthdayIt is Brandon’s birthday episode. Who cares?

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  1. Brandon, Dave and the rest of you marks I’m devastated by the lack of riots in the streets knowing that your favorite IC champ of all time lost to Bad news Barrett. Let’s have a moment of silence for my amazing reign….

    Now on to what everyone wants 5 Degrees of E
    1- The ref who missed the blatant eye rake that cost me my rematch
    2- WWEShop, why isn’t there more Big e Merch
    3- The commenter who thinks I need to be heel to bang Rosa Mendes
    4- Brandon and Dave- I think I sound plenty funny and I’m the most over superstar in WWE
    5- Brandon- Happy Birthday

  2. Cheers for the unexpected shoutout on last week’s episode. A few weeks ago you said you’d like to hear any suggestions for improvement or constructive criticism we might have for your show – well I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news! You see even though the quality of Monday Night RAW is less consistent than JBL’s heel commentary, every episode Markin’ Out is awesome as always – thank you very much (for the entertainment)!

    If I could make one suggestion to improve the WWE product, though, it would be for the company and particularly the announcers to try actually being subtle. In recent months, some of the best interviews and promo segments have taken place on the WWE App and the Backstage Fallout shows on The Network. I wish more people were seeing these (I guess three hours just isn’t enough on RAW) but if they’re anything like me, they didn’t want to download the app because of the overbearing way the WWE shoved it down viewers’ throats for months.

    When something catches on and becomes hot, they either ignore it completely or go so overboard in pushing and referencing that they make people sick of it like a radio station that plays a new song so many times it goes out of style in one day. ‘Fandangoing’ (as WWE quickly labelled it) wasn’t going to last forever but it was a craze just about everybody wanted to join in with until they had Jerry Lawler stand in the ring and awkwardly tell everybody how cool and fun it was and ask them if they wanted to join in and Fandango along with him. Just like explaining a joke ruins it, and just like a kid’s parents using teenage slang suddenly makes it uncool, they made fans feel like they were put on the spot and expected to perform like monkeys and they made the whole thing lame and embarrassing.

    They did the same thing with ‘doing the Yes! chant for Daniel Bryan’ by corporately branding it ‘The Yes Movement’, having Bryan pander to the crowd and get them to do the chant for waay too long at times (which they did because people really like Bryan), and having Cole and Lawler talk about it in that same phony “members of the WWE Universe are now members of the Yes Movement!” way. Bryan’s rise to the top of the WWE had a rebellious spirit that was not some corporate invention – it was exciting and organic.

    The most recent example was the painfully cringeworthy way the announcers tried to sell Adam Rose’s Exotic Express act – Lawler saying “we’re going to party! Everybody loves to party!” and Cole doing his intentionally embarrassing dance. It’s the embrace of death and it’s so damaging to what they’re trying to promote that they make everything they touch less popular than if they’d said nothing! You can’t force something to go viral and people know when you’re trying to force it; if something manages to go viral/get over, you stand back and let the fire spread. The more the announcers say “The Demon Kane – have you seen The Demon Kane? The Demon Kane can’t be controlled because he’s The Demon Kane, Jerry!” the more I start to hate hearing it, even if it was fine to begin with.

    In summation I hereby conclude that the WWE would have more popularity, exposure, and success if they tried to walk the line between completely ignoring something and hammering it into the ground. I yield the rest of my time.


    Violent “The Number One Number Five Mark” RiC….David

  3. Oh my god the first shameless plug was awesome. Awesome episode as always. Did you guys see the rumors of a new TNA video game? I hope it’s true


  4. Hey guys! I know I commented late on last week’s episode but I’d also like to comment on this one’s as well.

    First of all, I absolutely LOVED the bit where Dave read the shameless plugs to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance. I was on the train ride home and I couldn’t help but laugh. People were staring at me strangely. Thinking about it now, I should have told them to listen to Markin Out!

    Anyway, thanks for the entertaining episode! I look forward to hearing more! By the way, I actually am studying for my finals that are next week. Wish me luck!


  5. Hey Marks!
    Awesome episode this week, and happy belated birthday to Brandon! My question for you this week is; What do you think about the current 3.5MB vs Los Matadores Storyline? Personally, I love it. It not only has good matches, but it’s entertaining. Their comedy skit during Drew McIntyre vs Sin Cara this week on Superstars was hilarious, anyways, what do you think?

    All the best,
    Broski Ben

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