Markin’ Out Episode #215

It felt like WrestleMania season for a little bit…But not anymore.

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  1. Ahhh I can finally sit down and leave a comment for the show. Feels great!

    So, I saw PWInsider announce that Eva Marie will be hosting the Hall of Fame this year and I’ve seen a lot of people express their anger about this on Twitter and wanted to know your thoughts. I don’t really understand why she would be hosting it. I get that she’s got a great look and all, but I don’t really understand. What do you guys think?

    Thanks for the always entertaining episodes of the podcast! I look forward to hearing your WrestleMania show.


  2. Hey guys! It’s been awhile since my last comment on the show but you can bet that the #1 mark would NEVER miss Wrestlemania season! (Fun Fact: On Saturday I turn 31, which makes me as old as WM. So if ever I forget how old I am, I have a pretty awesome reference point!)

    I already expressed my rage over Eva Marie hosting the HoF to David on facebook so I won’t get into it here except to say WHY NOT RENEE YOUNG!?!?!

    What I want to know is what you guys are looking forward to the most at WM? Personally I find myself only really caring about the IC title scene. I really like what they have been doing recently and tossing in Truth to add some comedic relief to the whole thing was a good move by WWE in my opinion. Naturally, I want Daniel Bryan to win. Especially if it leads to a Ziggler/Bryan feud!

    As for the WHC scene, I’m all about Brock keeping the title. The only way I’d accept a Roman Reigns victory is if immediately after Rollins cashes in.

    Keep up the good work broskis!!

    The #1 mark


  3. So, what do you guys think about the Andre The Andre The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal of a Memorial Battle Royal of Andre The Battle Royal Giant of WrestleMania.(Have fun reading that one) being moved onto the Pre-Show?

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  4. Well it’s Wrestlemania season and I just don’t feel ready. What went wrong? This time last year I couldn’t wait for 30! The HOF class was stacked and the card felt like it meant something. This year, the HOF seems scattered and uninteresting. The same can be said for the card as well. So I have just a couple questions for you guys.

    1)Does Sting wrestle in a t-shirt? If so, does it ruin the match for you? Personally, I think he should not wear the shirt. He has had plenty of time off between TNA and now to get into some sort of ring shape. It would be disappointing to finally wait all this time for Sting to see him wrestle in a shirt.

    2) Does Undertaker win or lose for the 2nd straight year? With the streak being gone I guess it really doesn’t matter. Do you think he should have come back at all this year? Will 32 be the retirement match for both he and Sting?

    Thanks guys. Trying to be excited for the big show but I just don’t think I can fake it.


    PS- Did you guys talk about that “Wrestling isn’t wrestling” video? I may have missed it when you did.

  5. well wrestle mania is on sunday and i have to say that i don’t feel that hyped for this event and feel that this is just another ppv, i hope that there are many surprises to help spice up wrestlemana so that it will be more entertaining

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