Markin’ Out Episode #211

MarkinOut211It’s our “go home” show to WWE Fastlane…or Fast Lane. WWE hasn’t decided yet.

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #211

  1. Last episode was awesome guys, as always.

    I’m pretty sure you guys saw the whole #GiveDivasAChance thing and Vince McMahon tweeting that they hear us and that we should keep watching, so my question is why are they doing something that trended for one night, but cannot comprehend how much we want Daniel Bryan after weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of arenas wanting nothing but him?

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    ….. what color is the dress?.

  2. hey guys great show as always and for the circus i will have 5 new signs that i have spend hours working on in preparation for this event but i don’t want to spoil anything i believe that this years psycho circus has the potential to be one of the best psycho circus cause of the stacked card that they have

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    …also what color is the dress

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