Markin’ Out Episode #209

MO209Brandon tries to get over a cold and David blames DX.

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #209

  1. I think that whoever beats Rusev should elevate both him and Rusev. All they have to do is have a great match, have Rusev look strong, but have the other guy look just a little bit stronger. If Cena does end up beating Rusev, he should not lose to 1 AA. If WWE was smart(which most of the time, they are not), they should have at least 2 AA’s. They could put Kurt Angle or Jack Swagger in there and beat him and it’d still be good. All they have to do is make both of them look good in a good match.

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    Great podcast, guys. Get well, Brandon. I followed you on Twitter, I hope that made you feel better.

  2. hey guys great podcast as always i would just like to say that saw was a great show that these guys are the future of wrestling. i also attended national pro wrestling day this year and i felt that it did not live up to its expectations of previous years i wish that the event wasn’t only chikara guys and had people from nywc czw and other companies like the first one

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