Markin’ Out Episode #189

WWE 1Did WWE succeed in giving fans what they need before a PPV?

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  1. Hey Guys, IM BACK to the comment section. I’ve been busy with school work, buttfuck that. Finally watched a full episode of Raw again this week and Ambrose really is shining. I’ve waited 2 years for him to reach this level. Anyway, I gotta question:

    Out of the “leaders of the new school” (Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, Adrian Neville, Fergal Devitt and Kevin Steen) who do you think will be most successful on the main roster and who do you want to be most successful. Personally like you guys I love Zayn.

    Thanks again for showing love for your fans!
    from the NUMBA TWO mark

  2. Hey guys, hope you had a great week!

    With Fergal Devitt given his new name of Fin Ballor, do you think Kevin Steen will be given a new name?

    All the best, Broski Ben 🙂

  3. Only 2 comments?! Are you serious bro?!

    My question isn’t wrestling related but I wanted to know where Ghostbusters ranks on your list of all time movies.

    Thanks dudes! So close to 200 🙂

    The voice of NYWC & Long Island Ducks

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