Markin’ Out Episode #150

SelfieWe go over WWE TLC, Monday Night Raw and we do some independent wrestling talk.

5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #150

  1. Thanks for all the unparalelled entertainment you’ve brought each week, I don’t always bother watching Smackdown or Impact but I wouldn’t miss an episode of Markin’ Out.

    I wanted to respond to something Rob Kimblebrand posted on the last episode, saying that “all the fans” were bitching about the lack of a tag division in the past and now people are bitching that there are too many tag matches on TV – Rob said there’s no pleasing some people and those hypocrites should just enjoy the damn show.

    This is a mistake that’s always being made – the idea that it’s the same fans complaining about that same thing. If you just look at it as “the fans bitching” instead of individuals bitching then it’s going to look like the same people later complain once the problem’s fixed but in reality it’s as Dave said, there will always be *some* people unhappy with any decision – you can please some people, you just can’t please everyone at the same time.

    I think “just enjoy the damn show” is a cop-out because if you love something and think it could be much better then saying what they need to do to improve it is understandable. If we all just enjoyed the damn show, Daniel Bryan would not be benefitting from all the protesting by disgruntled fans and all we’d ever see would be what the company wants, not what the people want – everything needs feedback to improve.

    Keep being awesome as always, and craved by all the ladies,
    -The 5th most ultimate Mark in the universe
    RiC David

  2. 5! 5! 5! Brandon, what is this 1 foot Italian you are filling your mouth with? Do you have something to tell me? Brandon we just shared a fudgie the whale carvel cake “Lady and the tramp” style. Also don’t forget tango Tuesday so we can light up the dance floor.

  3. Hey guys. I’d like to start off by saying thank you for giving us another kickass show despite being so wiped out. We really do appreciated it so thank you very much.

    I have a question. With Batista announced to return on the Monday before Royal Rumble, what do you think of the possibility of Batista winning and going on to face Orton at Mania? That’s IF Orton is still champion around that time.

    Thanks again guys!

  4. *In Razor Ramon Voice* HEYO

    Great show as always. Quick question, if AJ Styles went to WWE, Jobber or Star. I don’t see him being anything in between. Thanks for being awesome.

    -Sincerely, The Mark from DC, Alberto

    P.S Batista>Randy Orton. Batista is the only guy they can bring back that can actually make people excited about Monday Night RAW.

  5. Hey guys, two great shows this week. Great job on the Markkys this year.

    As far as my questions for this week, I’ve got two for you.

    1. What are your thoughts on Jeff Jarrett being done from TNA? I think that’s a big loss, and I think even he knows that the company he build, is on the verge of bunkruptcy.

    2. Recent reports say that Triple H is the new head of creative, so I wanted to get your thoughts on how you think he’ll do in his new role. I think he’ll be good as he’s done a good job with recent “pet projects” like The Wyatt Family, Damien Sandow, and the WWE performance center. Many don’t know, but he’s already done a lot for the future of WWE. I think he’ll be great.

    Thanks again guys, #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.

    PS follow me on twitter @EronUST.
    by the way, Dave stated that he follows me on twitter, which I found wasn’t the case. I went through my followers, and he wasn’t there. What a liar. Lol. This leaves me with no choice but to bring back the hashtag
    #DaveSucksAgain… It was a good run Dave. We all knew this day would come again.

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