Markin’ Out Episode #681

WWE has gone down under for Elimination Chamber. WWE 2k24 seems like a copy and paste. Sting gets serious on AEW Dynamite.

Markin’ Out Episode #680

The Super Bowl and wrestling connection. Everything revolves around Cody Rhodes. Plus The Rock and Roman Reigns stir up drama.

Markin’ Out Episode #679

Carmelo Hayes pulls a Triple H. WrestleMania gets a bit more confusing. Sting wins a Championship in AEW. Mercedes is coming.

Markin’ Out Episode #678

It is our 13 year anniversary! We cover the Royal Rumble and all its surprises. We also run down NXT Vengeance Day. Plus, the AEW rankings are back. Why?

Markin’ Out Episode #677

The WWE Royal Rumble is here and we give our predictions. The Rock joins the board. Netflix is Raw. Plus, Sting is all in?

Markin’ Out Episode #676

Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins were the talk of the town on Raw because of their World Championship match. As were Hook and Samoa Joe who main evented Dynamite.

Markin’ Out Episode #675

Some big controversy on Twitter this week. Sting is nuts and might have his final opponents. There is a new NXT North American Champion.

Markin’ Out Episode #674

Celebrate the new year with us. We attended AEW Worlds End and saw Adam Cole revealed as The Devil. The Rock surprised the people with an appearance on WWE Raw.

Markin’ Out Episode #673

For the last episode of 2023, we give predictions for 2024. Plus we talk about AEW Worlds End taking place at the Nassau Coliseum.

Markin’ Out Episode #672

Happy holidays to all! It is officially winter and we are on the road to Worlds End and Day 1. However, there are still some stockings that need stuffing.