Markin’ Out Episode # 63

Brandon and Dave argue who is the bigger jobber, and back it up with a slew of facts. In addition, we actually talk about other things other than the WWE, and we discuss the current changesgoing on in TNA.  4-21-12

4 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode # 63

    • test sucks its 2 late for him to become a star now, 1999,2000 maybe but not in 2007 i don t want tna to sign him just beasuce he was good back in 99 thats just pointless like when they signed billy gunn he was a star in dx in 98 but he was shit by the time wwe fired him in 2004 there was no point in tna signing gunn

  1. Not going to lie, I did think that it was a real good match and solid too. Anyone who says that that match sucked rellay wasn’t paying attention and has nothing but straight up hate for Diva like Maryse and McCool. But don’t get me wrong I am NOT a fan of either of them, but I give credit where it’s due. I rellay hope Diva matches continue progressing like this (Though I’m still real pissed that Victoria, Natalya, Katie Lea, Jillian and Mickie are shoved right at the bottom of the spectrum).

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