Markin’ Out Episode #56

3-3-12 With PWS SuperCard 2012 upon us, we talk to a few wrestlers about the event including PWS Co-Owner/Booker/Wrestler Pat Buck. Also, we talk about our experience at Chikara’s “Caught in the Spiders Den” as well as everything else going on in the world of Professional Wrestler… and Sports Entertainment!

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #56

  1. Sounds like the Chikara show was a lot of fun. Yay for Chuck Taylor! How was Brandon falling asleep?

    • I am in the same boat as you. I’ve always known about Chikara, but it just seeemd so stupid and fake. After giving it a chance I haven’t looked back. The best way I can explain it to people is that it’s nothing like the wrestling they know, but also the very best of all the the things they know about wrestling. I hope High Noon gets twenty million buys.

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