Markin’ Out Episode #607

Feed your head in WWE. WarGames and the Fight Pit set to make main roster debuts. Paige here in AEW. Everybody loves The Acclaimed.

Markin’ Out Episode #606

New Champions on the main roster, plus NXT 2.0 celebrates one year and maybe goes back to basics. AEW sets up Grand Slam for next week.

Markin’ Out Episode #605

What a crazy, crazy week of wrestling. Singalongs in WWE, new Champions and a return. In AEW, a backstage brawl overshadows a return, plus new Champions.

Markin’ Out Episode #604

Clash at the Castle. Worlds Collide. All Out. There is so much going on this weekend. We cover it in full. What surprises are to come?

Markin’ Out Episode #603

Johnny Wrestling is back in WWE. Could Jon Moxley be the most dominant AEW Champion? Plus there will be a new Interim AEW Champion.

Markin’ Out Episode #602

NXT sets up Worlds Collide, but cancels NXT UK and releases a bunch of talent. In AEW, we wonder if people went into business for themselves.

Markin’ Out Episode #601

WWE continues to surprise us by bringing back talent and CM Punk returns on Dynamite to confront a bloody Interim Champion, Jon Moxley.

Markin’ Out Episode #600

From SummerSlam surprises to AEW dumpster diving, we cover it all. Plus, we celebrate our 600th episode. Thank you for all of your support.

Markin’ Out Episode #599

Death Before Dishonor, Fight for the Fallen, SummerSlam, oh my. We discuss who will walk out Champion and give predictions.

Markin’ Out Episode #598

Was the Shark Week crossover event entertaining? The road to SummerSlam continues to confuse us. Scan Here confirmed.