Markin’ Out Episode #615

Taylor Swift fans are fearless as they speak now against Ticketmaster. Left seeing red because tour tickets disappeared, is there a great war coming? Based on a match created two years before 1989, WWE continues to set up WarGames. Hopefully everyone leaves Full Gear with their reputation intact. We hope you continue to be a lover of pro wrestling and all the folklore that surrounds it as those memories will live on evermore.

Markin’ Out Episode #614

Crown Jewel, returns, a failed cash in and betrayals. Saraya is officially back and for some reason, Double J takes shots at WWE.

Markin’ Out Episode #613

We run down Crown Jewel and everything that led up to it. We also try to solve the WWE PC stalker. Double J is now All Elite.

Markin’ Out Episode #612

Halloween Havoc was fun. Monday Night Raw saw former leaders of Bullet Club square off. The Elite have been missing in AEW. Midnights broke records.

Markin’ Out Episode #611

We wanted to walk with Elias and NXT prepares for Halloween Havoc. Jericho has no honor. MJF announces when he will cash in the chip.

Markin’ Out Episode #610

The clock almost struck midnight as Bray Wyatt returned. Also, a current NJPW Champion joined WWE. Garcia chooses a side.

Markin’ Out Episode #609

WWE gets ready for Extreme Rules and AEW has more backstage altercations. Also, can Swifties work on who the White Rabbit is?

Markin’ Out Episode #608

There was a big return on Monday Night Raw and a pizza party celebration in AEW. Pizza is great. Plus, The Ocho is in the main event.

Markin’ Out Episode #607

Feed your head in WWE. WarGames and the Fight Pit set to make main roster debuts. Paige here in AEW. Everybody loves The Acclaimed.

Markin’ Out Episode #606

New Champions on the main roster, plus NXT 2.0 celebrates one year and maybe goes back to basics. AEW sets up Grand Slam for next week.