Markin’ Out Episode #692

There are new Champions in Jade and Bianca. The Royal Tournaments have begun. Kenny makes sure that The Elite will have anarchy in the arena.

Markin’ Out Episode #691

Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes maybe turned heel in Kansas City. Backlash in France. Kenny Omega gets the Tony Khan treatment from the Young Bucks.

Markin’ Out Episode #690

New Champions all around after AEW Dynasty, Monday Night Raw and NXT Spring Breakin. The WWE Draft started. Tony Khan goes down.

Markin’ Out Episode #689

Rhea Ripley had to unfortunately vacate the Championship. Sami Zayn had a hometown welcoming. AEW Dynasty is here and it seems like Swerve will be Champion.

Markin’ Out Episode #688

Cody Rhodes finished the story at WrestleMania 40 and for some reason, CM Punk appeared on AEW Dynamite this week.

Markin’ Out Episode #687

WrestleMania is upon us and there are tons of events going on. We talk about whether or not we will see Cody Rhodes finish the story and everything in between.

Markin’ Out Episode #686

This week on Raw, The Rock and Cody Rhodes created what they call cinema. The Man owned Dominik Mysterio. Willow Nightingale and Swerve earned title shots.

Markin’ Out Episode #685

AEW ran for 3 hours on Wednesday and Edge became the new TNT Champion. Plus, the only person who stands in the way of The Man is Mami.

Markin’ Out Episode #684

As everyone expected, Mercedes is All Elite. Her debut left us wanting more. We also talk about Disney World and everything WWE.

Markin’ Out Episode #683

The Icon Sting retired this week as Tag Team Champion. Hear our thoughts on AEW Revolution, WWE Raw and the WWE Hall of Fame inductees so far.