Markin’ Out Episode #660

The world is buzzing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Jade Cargill signs with WWE. NXT No Mercy and AEW WrestleDream is this weekend. Did Cena find help?

Markin’ Out Episode #659

Becky Lynch is still The Man. AEW hosts Grand Slam in Queens. WWE releases a lot of talent and left people feeling a lot of feelings.

Markin’ Out Episode #658

WWE officially merged with UFC to form TKO. Some roster shakeups seem imminent all across the board. Plus a very big reunion took place on MTV.

Markin’ Out Episode #657

CM Gone after Tony Khan cuts ties with CM Punk following Brawl In. Gunther makes WWE history by breaking a 35 year Intercontinental Championship record.

Markin’ Out Episode #656

AEW makes history at their biggest event ever, but does Brawl In overshadow that? Tons of new Champions emerged and both WWE and AEW have PPVs this weekend.

Markin’ Out Episode #655

We pay tribute to the Hardcore Icon, Terry Funk and The Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt. Plus AEW All In makes history this weekend.

Markin’ Out Episode #654

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deathmatch was something that happened. Could The Judgement Day be gaining a member? Edge celebrates 25 years.

Markin’ Out Episode #653

Everything came full circle for Damage CTRL at SummerSlam. The Judgement Day continue to look shaky. The AEW Champion heads to a dark match.

Markin’ Out Episode #652

CM Punk changes the title. We finally have a match for AEW All In. RVD debuts. And Hikaru Shida is Champion again. The Bash is over and SummerSlam is here.

Markin’ Out Episode #651

The Judgement Day continues to take over and will be part of the Great American Bash. Plus, there was a very confusing main event on Dynamite.