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Rules are Simple!

Each Monday during Raw, we will post a new picture. Think of the funniest, creative caption for the picture and put your response in the Reply section of this page. We will review whose we think is best and the winner will receive a shirt courtesy of Bleeding Media. Winner will be announced on that week’s episode of Markin’ Out!

When you submit your entry make sure you leave:

Your Name (we will not make your full name public)

Twitter Handle (if have one & want it mentioned)

Email address (this is how we will contact you)

Contest Ends Each Week at 8pm Thursday. In the interest of fairness, ONE submission per person, any repeat submissions will be VOIDED. Winners will be contacted via email, so make sure you check your email.

Thanks and Good Luck!


(Do NOT caption the following)

John Silver Vs. Bandido Jr. from New York Wrestling Connection

Colt Cabana Vs. Matt Hardy Vs. Teddy Hart from Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Brittney Savage &  Alicia Vs. Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay from Women Superstars Uncensored: 5th Anniversary Show.
Caption this photo of The Big O launching Danny E. into the air at NYWC “Hotter Than Hell”.

33 thoughts on “Caption This!

  1. The referee got a horrible reaction from The Big O releasing his O-zone into the air. Danny E. was blasted away from the shear force of wind.

  2. Big O :”I knew I was backed up but this is ridiculous.”
    Ref:” so that’s what he means buy “get outta my O Zone” poor Danny…”


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